Reclaimed Textile Goods

handmade with care in San Francisco

Small batch goods, reclaimed textiles

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lavender heart sachets


Carefully selected, all of the fabric used by isafix is reclaimed and repurposed - mostly remnant cuts from local textile professionals, or donations from trusted customers and friends. This allows to create small batch items with unique personality. This is also a great way to keep the supply chain hyper-local.

set of 4 napkins


Each item is hand-crafted with patience and attention to details. Preference is given to natural fiber such as cotton and linen. This said, isafix focuses primarily on reducing textile waste, and this is why you might find products made out of synthetic materials once in a while, for their specific properties or features.


Designed for everyday use, isafix items are meant to last and be well-loved. They are sturdy, simple, and versatile. To minimize waste in all aspects of business, repurposed packaging and shipping materials are always preferred, as well as packaging materials that can be re-used or recycled by customers.


So cute and well made, they definitely spark joy :)

Sara, Liberty NY

Precious and I’m so glad I ordered. Thank you.

Alicia, Cumming GA

Pretty and neatly made. Nice gift or just to keep.

Marcy, Glendale CA