reducing waste one stitch at a time


My name is Isa.

I am the one and only person behind isafix.


I grew up in France, and moved to the United States in my late 20's. On both sides of the ocean, over-consumption and waste are considered the norm. As I began to understand the impact of our behavior on the planet, I slowly decided to adopt a more sustainable life-style. It's a long, far from perfect process, but I am convinced that every small action one can take matters.



my Janome 673 (I'm in love with this machine)



A few years ago, I started to use discarded fabric to create useful and simple items for my friends and family. I enjoyed designing, sewing and working with textiles so much, I was soon selling at my local farmers market in Oakland, California.

 With time, I made long-lasting connections with customers and other textile designers, and many generous people have been donating fabric to my small business. I also get a lot of my materials from Scrap, a non-profit reuse center founded in 1976 in San Francisco - definitely a place worth checking if you live in the area.

I use exclusively reclaimed textiles, and aim at utilizing every last scrap of fabric through my creative process. Beyond textile, I also try to consider every aspect of my business through the lens of sustainability, from the tools I purchase to the packaging I use. For example, I make my own paper tags out of reused paper, and I try to reuse as many packing materials as possible for orders. For the things I can't make myself and the supplies I need to purchase, I always work with small scale, local businesses.



handmade tags

 handmade tags from reclaimed paper



Reusable, good quality materials are discarded everywhere each day, and too often considered as useless waste. Beyond running an eco-counscious, super small business, my goal is to show that each of us can reshape our relationship with production, consumption, and waste. With this mindset, you can rest assured that each item I offer is slowly designed and hand-crafted with simplicity, beauty, and durability in mind.




Thank you so much for checking out my work!


 isafix, August 2021