reclaimed textiles

With today's over-consumption of goods and resources, reusable, good quality materials are discarded each day, and considered as waste. We can reclaim these materials: we can repurpose and reuse them, and have a direct impact on reducing waste and over-production. Carefully selected, all of the textiles I use are reclaimed, whether they are unused, left-over materials, or vintage treasures. Remnant cuts from local professionals, donations, reuse centers... My supply chain is small and hyper-local. I work with what I can find, and I take my time to make small batch, unique goods.


simple goods

Simple and versatile, isafix goods are meant to last and be well-loved. Designed for everyday use, their timeless look and their durability offer a second life to reclaimed materials. Everything you see here is slowly handmade in small batches in my home studio, with great care, patience, and attention to details. I truly enjoy working with colors and textures, and carefully putting them together to create items that are useful, sturdy, and enjoyable at the same time.